Brazilian Cuisine

Camarão no leite de coco –

I’ve been describing this recipe to my family as a Brazilian shrimp curry. I also have a deep respect and interest in Indian culture (which I will be exploring in my next blog post) and have tried making Indian food and curry a few times. But for me personally I haven’t liked the wooden taste that I get from the turmeric in most Indian food. So what I like about
this dish is how fresh and light camarão no leite de coco is with summery island flavors from the cilantro, lime, and coconut. Usually when I make these dishes that take me an hour or more, I like to take small inspiration from the recipes and make fast meals that take 30 minutes most. The inspiration that I pulled from this recipe was the shrimp. To make the meal even easier and quick I like to use frozen shrimp, and minute maid rice in the microwave. To flavor the shrimp it calls for little prep in mincing up some cloves of garlic, and in a bowl you mix some olive oil, lime juice, salt, pepper, cilantro (fresh or dried), and the minced garlic. Next you throw them in a pan with a little more olive oil and cook them for a few minutes, approximately 5 (with frozen shrimp that’s cooked and has been thawed). While cooking the shrimp you can also make the rice and then put the shrimp on top of the rice. A sauce would have also been made in the pan with the olive oil, lime juice and garlic which would be great drizzled over the rice. And there’s a quick but lovely lunch or dinner, which you can take inspiration from and add even more components like fruits and vegetables to the dish.

Pão de queijo –

This recipe was so much fun to make and I can see myself making more of these cheese rolls regularly in the future. The recipe wasn’t like anything I have made before but it was quick, easy and simple to make. After doing this recipes a few times I believe it’s possible to remember it of the top of your head. It was calming and enjoyable making these rolls and I would describe these as a comfort food. They give of a wonderful homey smell while baking, the look of them is exciting (like a puffer fish), and the multiple textures of biting into it with the crunchy outside and soft chewy inside is a fun experience. This recipe is great for restoring wonderment and a love for cooking. It was like creating a science experiment in school. From foam bubbles that formed while boiling the milk, oil and butter to the mixture of wet ingredients with the dry that equaled a version of smile. This would be a great recipe to do with kids to spark their interest in cooking.

Brigadeiro –

This dessert is for someone with a sweet tooth. I’ve been describing the brigadeiro as a chocolate in the texture of caramel, but after making it the closest description I can think of is a tootsie roll. I’ve never been a fan of tootsie rolls, and the sweetness of this dessert and the sticky texture was overpowering for me. But when I give this recipe a go again I’m going to make a few adjustments, so the dessert is more to my liking. One adjustment is that I would make the brigadeiro proportion smaller, the amount was too much and took over your mouth with sugar and stickiness. To combat the strength of sugar and to add more texture to the dish I would add chopped up nuts on the outside instead of sprinkles/jimmies, put a little piece of fruit in the middle like strawberries, or do both. Cinnamon is also one of my favorite spices so coating the outside in cinnamon would be treat for me, and add more complex flavors to the dish. This recipe really wasn’t challenging to recreate, but you have to know what you’re looking for and the desired textures you want. As a visual person, a video of how to make brigadeiro and a recipe helped the process move smoothly (the recipe with the video is linked down below).

Additional references –

One pot Shrimp in Coconut Sauce –

Pao de Queijo – Brazilian Cheese Bread –

Brigadeiro Recipe –

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